To achieve certification as a special education teacher in Maine requires passing two standardized tests offered by ETS:

1. Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (Praxis  Core) – this has three subtests: reading, writing, and mathematics

2. Praxis II (Test 0354) – this is a test of content knowledge in special education

Because of this certification requirement, we require our students to pass the Praxis Core before taking any special education courses at the 200 level or higher. Students are required to pass the Praxis II before student teaching in their senior year.

We encourage students to take the Praxis Core before the beginning of their first semester at UMF. This is because the skills tested are very similar to the skills used in high school and tested on the SAT. Also, students may retake all or portions of the test. Taking it early gives students more time for retakes if that is necessary. We allow transfer students to take 200 and higher level special education courses for one semester before requiring them to pass the Praxis Core.

The ETS websites below provide information about each test, where tests are offered, how to register, and how to prepare.

ETS Praxis Core
ETS Praxis II 

UMF’s Center for Student Development offers both Praxis tests as well as a variety of resources to help students prepare for taking the tests. Visit the Center’s website below for more information, including what Maine requires as a passing score.

UMF Praxis Information

There are also other opportunities on campus for support with passing the Praxis tests. For example, the local chapter of the Student Education Association of Maine (SEAM) recently organized a “Praxis Pep Rally.”