UMF graduating studentEarly Childhood Special Education graduates have a wide selection of employment opportunities. Some graduates accept teaching positions in inclusive community-based or public school classrooms. Other graduates choose to work with very young children and their families in inclusive playgroups and home-based early intervention programs.  And others accept positions in agencies, such as Child Development Services or Head Start, where they serve children who are at-risk, or identified as having special needs, and their families. These positions may involve case management, family advocacy, and team assessments. Many graduates go on to graduate school to study education or related fields, such as Social Work,  Speech and Language Pathology, and Physical or Occupational Therapy. One of our graduates is a pediatric occupational therapist at a community hospital and one has even has earned her doctorate degree and is a professor of early childhood special education!


Teaching in international schools…


photo Grand Palace BangkokThe Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand.

My name is Amanda and I am currently teaching at an international school in Bangkok, Thailand.  We are searching for teachers for the coming year and my principal has been so happy with my teaching style and understanding of learning that she wants more UMF alumni.  This is a really great opportunity, one that I personally have enjoyed very much.  The school has a very team-based approach to teaching. We constantly consult and advise with each other to make the curriculum and the children’s learning experience the best it can be.  The curriculum is hands-on and research-based.  The school is very supportive of new ideas and making sure to meet the needs of individual children.