Work Initiative is an opportunity for UMF students to work in an area related to their field of study.  Work Initiative is available for students who do not receive Work Study, and it is not dependent on financial need.  It tends to be more specific and directed towards your college career and future after UMF.  One of the Work Initiative opportunities within Early Childhood Special Education is the position of assistive technology student specialist in the Kalikow Curriculum Materials Center, located right inside the Education Center.  Below, you can read about first-hand experiences of an assistive technology student specialist.


Jenn Campbell

Work Initiative  Assignment: Jenn Campbell, Student Assistive Technology Specialist
Hometown: Cornish, MaineAs an early childhood special education major, I wanted to find a job on campus that was related to my major. I wanted a job that would help me to further my learning in early childhood special education and to gain more experience in this field. I was able to obtain a position at the Kalikow Curriculum Materials Center as an assistive technology (AT) specialist. (AT are devices that children and adults with disabilities can use to complete an assignment, talk with friends, or perform a task that otherwise might be impossible.) As an AT specialist, I have learned about the different materials available for all children.Working as an AT specialist here at the Kalikow Center is helping my future career. I am gaining an immense amount of knowledge about the different technologies available to aid children. During my work here, I have been able to work with a child with Asperger’s Syndrome and teach him how to use an iPad. This has been a phenomenal experience! Recently, I have focused on computer software programs, and I have been doing presentations on how to use them. Also, I have created an iMovie video about a software program called DraftBuilder, which assists users in the writing process.Overall, I really enjoy working as an AT Specialist here at the Kalikow Center. I am glad that I was able to find an on-campus job that would help me to further my education in the Early Childhood Special Education field. I strongly recommend the Work Initiative Program here at UMF. It can open new doors for you and help you to continue the lifelong process of learning.



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