Lisa Lisius R.N. Lisa Lisius
R.N., B.S.N.

Lisa graduated from nursing school in 1982. She has had various jobs in the nursing profession; from working in an Intensive Care Unit, as an Emergency Room nurse, and as a Certified Diabetes Educator. Working as a full-time nurse in the Student Health center since 1999 is her best job ever.  She loves working with college students. The Student Health Center provides great services at very affordable prices and she feels honored to be a part of a truly remarkable and caring team of co-workers.

Lisa lives with her husband, Jim, and daughter, River Dawn and various animals in their 1870’s farmhouse on the banks of Sandy River. They all love doing just about anything outdoors; walking, hiking, skiing, and especially wilderness canoe trips. Lisa and Jim’s claim to fame is that they completed the first continuous people-powered crossing the United States by canoe. The lessons learned from such an adventure are still with her: “Less is more”; “Judge your world by the people you meet and not the news you hear” and “a friendly smile from a stranger in an unfamiliar setting goes a long way to make you feel at home.”