All University of Maine at Farmington students are required to be covered by health insurance. We accept payment for services from the student’s private health insurance plan, SHIP (Student Health Insurance Program) or MaineCare to cover services at the UMF Student Health Center.

All students with billable insurance can have up to three visits per semester without a co-pay charge. After three visits, you will be charged the co-pay amount associated with your insurance plan.

Students with insurance that we can not bill, like an out of state Medicaid, or who fail to present a health insurance card will be charged $40 for every visit with our Nurse Practitioners or Dietitian.

Students who have not met their annual insurance deductible or if your insurance company denies a submitted claim, will be charged $40 for the office visit with the Nurse Practitioner or Dietitian.

Walk-in appointments with the RN’s cost $20 each visit if we cannot bill your insurance. Students never have to pay up-front for services; they may have any charges added to their student account.

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