Fees for immunizations, lab tests, supplies and medications:

Most services, vaccinations and lab tests can be billed to your insurance. Below is a list of our fees for services and supplies. These fees will apply for students whose insurance does not cover services/supplies at our Health Center, students who do not want to bill their insurance, or for students who do not provide their insurance card to us (within two weeks from their initial visit).|

Prices are subject to change without notice

Influenza/Flu shots – $25.
Tetanus/Diptheria /Pertussis- $50.
MMR/measles,mumps,rubella – $95.
Hepatitis A – $70.
TB skin testing – $10.

Labwork: Below is a partial list of lab charges if you do not have insurance coverage:
Rapid Strep test – $10.
Mono test – $10.
Urine Culture – $10.
Urine Pregnancy test – $10.
Pap Smear – $30.
Chlamydia test – $25.
Chlamydia and GC test – $30.
HIV test – $30
Sickle Cell Screening – $25

Medications: most can not be billed to insurance through our office.

Birth Contol Pills – $8.
Depoprovera – $30. * can be billed to insurance
NuvaRing – $8.
Emergency Contraception/Plan B – $10.
Emergency Contraception / Ella – $20.
Albuterol/Ventolin Inhalor- $10.
Monostat 7 – $5.
Limited supply of antibiotics / medications – $5.-$10.

We recommend that you check on your health insurance coverage for any immunizations ahead of time by calling the toll-free number on the back of your card. If we bill your health insurance for an immunization that is not covered, we will charge our cost of the vaccine to your student account.

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