Returning Students Academic Year 2019-2020

Selection Times, Selection Nights, Housing Selection – What Does It All Mean?

2019-2020 Housing Selection Process

Selection Time Request

  • By completing the online request (first name, last name, and email address) you will be assigned a selection time to be used on Selection Night. This request closes on March 22nd at 3pm.
  • Selection times will be emailed to students on March 25th.
  • Selection times are generated randomly within class standing.

Housing Selection

At UMF, we offer 3 different routes to select housing for the upcoming academic year: Same room, same roommate; Same room, different roommate; Housing Selection Night.

Same room, same roommate & same room, different roommate

  • If you plan to live in the same room with the same or a different roommate you can attend this session.
  • This is held on April 1st and 2nd from 11am – 1pm outside of the student life office.
  • The room must be filled to select housing at this time (meaning if you have a double there must be two people signing up one of which already lives in the room).
  • ​Single rooms with the exception of FAB suites can not be selected at this time.​ Singles rooms will be selected during Housing Selection Night.
  • If in good community standing in Lockwood Hall and currently live there, you may re-select your room during Same,Same/Same,Different.

Selection night

  • If you want to live in a different building, then you will want to attend selection night. Using your assigned selection time, you will attend this housing option during your assigned time. The line begins in the North Dining Hall C where you can view currently open rooms. Upon entering North Dining Hall A&B, you will find each building will have their own table. On the table we will have floor plans so you can view what is available in the building. You then select your housing and meal plan.
  • If you attend selection night and find the room or room type you want is not available, we also have a preference table available. At that table you can write down your housing requests which are reviewed in the summer for accommodations.

Proxy Information

  • If you are unable to attend selection, you can have someone act as your proxy.
  • You are responsible for photocopying your student ID and writing that you give permission to that specific person acting as your housing proxy.
  • The proxy will then sign you up for housing, but will not be able to sign your Room and Board License.
  • Vist the Student Life Office to officially claim your room and sign your Room and Board License by May 1st.


Themes for 2019-2020

FAB – SO,JR,SR only; Independent Living/Suite Style Community

Mallett – Scholars Community

Purington – Education Themed Community

Dakin – Traditional single sex by neighbor

Stone – Wellness hall with themed communities; Basement and 1st Outdoor Enthusiasts, 3rd floor Quiet Floor

Lockwood -JR,SR only; meal plan is optional

Scott North -Traditional single sex by neighbor

Scott South -basement single sex by neighbor, 1st and 2nd All Female, 3rd GLOBE Community

Scott West – traditional single sex by neighbor, all single rooms


Quick Links

Selection Request (Online Form)

More information about housing

Have Questions? Contact Kelsey Champagne-Smith, Assistant Director for Housing and Academic Success, for more information.