Frances Allen Black (also known as “FAB Hall”) is a suite-style / apartment-style residence hall for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Each four-student suite has a common lounge area and kitchen, an en-suite bathroom / shower.

FAB Hall is our “Independent Living Community” for sophomores, juniors, and seniors students in good standing. This housing option allows students to reside on campus with the added benefit of being close to classrooms and campus events and the freedom of apartment-style living.

Students who reside in these apartment-like suites are expected to monitor their own behavior, as well as advocate for themselves with regard to issues and concerns in the hall.

Each suite typically houses students in groups of four, either in single-bedroom or double-bedroom suites, and has a small common area and a bathroom with a shower that students are responsible for cleaning. Laundry facilities, study areas and lounge spaces are located on each floor.

Residents can choose to live co-ed in a suite (men & women in the same suite) or single-sex in the same suite. All have to agree to it. Residents can also choose optional gender-inclusive room placements.

Residing in this building is a professional staff member (called a Graduate Area Coordinator) who assists in the development of communal living. This staff person is responsible for enhancing residents’ college experience by assisting in promoting programs within the hall.

Programs designed by the two Community Assistants in the hall promote the development of both academic and social skills. A Community Assistant is an upper class UMF student who assists in building community within their areas, as well as help residents get involved in the campus community through various programming initiatives.

The floors in FAB are distinct by number, floor from ground level up. There is a main lounge and kitchenette for student use and a bicycle storage area. Residents of FAB Hall sign a community agreement.


Within the building:

  • Co-ed by suite (men & women in the same suite or single-sex in the same suite)
  • Optional gender-inclusive room placements
  • 98 occupants in the hall and two visiting faculty members
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Laundry on each floor
  • Kitchen on first floor
  • Each suite has its own bathroom
  • Common rooms in each suite
  • Available for sophomores, juniors, and seniors only
  • 2 Community Assistants
  • 2 Visiting Faculty Members

Within each room:

Room Specs

  • Average number of windows per room, 1 per single and 2 per double
  • Space under beds, approximately 10″ at lowest to 27″ at highest
  • Average furniture in doubles includes: two beds, two dressers, two closets, two desk and chairs
  • Average furniture in singles include: one bed, one dresser, one closet, one desk and chair
  • Average single room, approximately 9.3′ wide by 10.8′ deep
  • Average double room, approximately 12.5′ wide by 14.6′ deep

What to Bring

We understand deciding what to bring to college can be stressful. To help you with this, see our Suggested Packing List web page.

Contact Us

For more information on campus housing, please contact us.

Kelsey Champagne-Smith
Assistant Director of Housing and Academic Success
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