Purington Hall

 Education-Themed  Community

This hall creates the opportunity for residents who are education majors and/or interested in the field of education to interact with like-minded peers. Students will be able to participate in hall programs and study groups, and interact with faculty and staff.

Deciding what to bring to college can be very stressful. Because of this, we have compiled a list that has helpful reminders. Please refer to the packing list to assist you in your packing.


Within the building:

  • Capacity: 119 students
  • Themed & Coed Housing
  • All bathrooms are single-user
  • All rooms vary in shape and size
  • Kitchen and Laundry located in the basement
  • Student lounge on the first floor
  • Community Assistants: 4

Within each room:

  • One cable hookup
  • One phone hookup
  • Two Ethernet
  • Wireless access


Room Specs:

  • Two or Three Windows, varying in size (average is 38″ x 65″)
  • Space under beds, approximately 10″ at lowest to 27″ at highest
  • Average furniture includes: two beds, two dressers, two closets, two desk and chairs

Standard Room Dimensions:

  • Average single room, approximately 11.5′ wide by 12′ deep
  • Average double room, approximately 12′ wide by 15.3′ deep


For more information, please contact Kelsey Champagne-Smith, Assistant Director of Housing and Academic Success,  at 207-778-7348.