Stone Hall is UMF’s Wellness Community, which offers a variety of room types ranging from singles to quads. In the lower level of Stone Hall is a laundry room and full kitchen.

The Wellness Community at UMF provides housing to students who choose to support, initiate and promote the principles of a healthy lifestyle, and who choose to live in an environment free of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Any student in good standing is eligible to live in the Wellness Community.  Residents of Stone Hall sign a community agreement. In this community, the University is committed to following the eight dimensions of wellness, social, intellectual, occupational, spiritual, environmental, emotional, financial, and physical. To accomplish this, many of the programs in the hall are focused on wellness.

Within the Wellness Community are two other themed communities, the Outdoor Enthusiasts and the Quiet Floor.

Lower Level and 1st Floor

  • Outdoor Enthusiasts community welcomes those who love the outdoors, the beauty of nature, and all that our landscape has to offer.
  • Can live with others who enjoy hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, kayaking, canoeing, nature walks, and many other fun outdoor activities.
  • If you are an avid participant in outdoor recreational activities or have an interest in academics or a career relating to the outdoors, this floor would be a great fit for you.

3rd Floor

  • The Quiet Floor seeks to maintain an environment conducive to sleep and study throughout the day.
  • The residents of this floor strive to be more considerate to and respectful of the desires of their hall-mates to enable them to stick to their own sleep, work, and study schedules.

There is one professional Graduate Area Coordinator who supervises Stone Hall and assists in the development of communal living. This individual is responsible for enhancing their residents’ college experience by assisting in promoting programs within the hall. Programs, which are designed by the four Community Assistants in the hall, promote the development of both academic and social skills. A Community Assistant is an upper class student who assists in building community within their areas, as well as helping residents get involved in the University community through various programming initiatives. The floors in the Stone Hall are distinct by number, floor from ground level up. The beds are not bunked; however, if upon moving in all roommates want the beds bunked, University staff will assist. Please note that the All Access Meal Plan is required for all First Year Students. Deciding what to bring to college can be very stressful. Because of this, we have compiled a list that has helpful reminders. Please refer to the packing list to assist you in your packing.


Within the building:

  • 118 occupants
  • Wellness Community
  • Coed Hall
  • Kitchen and laundry in the basement
  • All bathrooms are single-user
  • Community Assistants: 4

Within each room:

Room Specs:

  • Two windows, 38″ x 54″
  • Space under beds, approximately 12″ at lowest to 33″ at highest
  • Average furniture includes: two beds, two dressers, two closets, two desk and chairs

Standard Room Dimensions:

  • Average single room, approximately 9.3′ wide by 16.2′ deep
  • Average double room, approximately 12′ wide by 16.2′ deep

For more information, please contact Kelsey Champagne-Smith, Assistant Director of Housing and Academic Success, at 207-778-7488