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Packing List

Bedding materials including fitted and loose sheets, pillow(s) and pillow case(s), blanket and/or comforter. If you want additional padding, you might want to purchase a mattress pad or topper. All beds in the Scott complex are Twin XL; however, all other buildings on campus have mixes Twin and Twin XL mattresses. If you need an extra long bed to accommodate your height, we have a limited number of beds available upon request. Please contact the Student Life office this summer to request one.

Alarm clock.


Shower caddy and flip flops. Unless you live in Black Hall, you will be sharing a bathroom down the hall with other residents. A shower caddy or basket can be helpful in transporting your toiletries back and forth. Flip flops are a must for a community shower to keep your feet safe and healthy!



Coat hangers.

Can opener.

Basic cooking tools and dishes. There are a few pots and pans in the community kitchens but those can often be borrowed for long periods of time. A good pot and pan, along with a few other kitchen tools and some dishes may be helpful, especially if you like to cook. Please note that knives CANNOT be longer than 4 inches.

Simple medical supplies such as bandages and aspirin.

Personal medications and prescriptions.

School supplies.

Set of “dress” clothes and shoes. You are asked to dress nicely for Convocation if you are a new student. It is also a good idea to have a set of nice clothing on hand for the events or banquets you may attend throughout the year.

Laundry supplies including detergent, dryer sheets, stain remover, fabric softener, an iron and small ironing board, and a laundry bag or basket. You also want to make sure to bring cash in $5, $10, or $20 bills to load your laundry card at the machine in the Student Center. It only takes cash.

Trash can and trash bags. You also may want to bring a separate container for recycling. There are also recycling centers in each residence hall. The hall cooperatives use the money made from all recycled bottles and cans collected in the building to program for residents like you!

Basic cleaning supplies. Items like a broom and dustpan, dusting sheets, glass cleaner, and a basic all-in-one cleaner will help you keep a neat and tidy room. Remember, residents are in charge of cleaning their own rooms and no one will be there to pick up after you!

Adhesive materials. You may want to hang a few items on your walls. Just make sure that the materials you use do not damage the walls or you will be charged for each wall damaged.

Small white board and markers. Stick this on your door so others can leave you messages when you are out of the room.

Storage items and containers. Places like Wal-mart, Target, the Container Store, and Bed, Bath, & Beyond will have an array of containers for you to maximize your space and store items.

Floor covering. All of the rooms have tile floors with a few exceptions. Take a look at our website for information on what size to bring for your specific room.

Electrical items: All electrical items must be UL approved. The University of Maine at Farmington places a large focus on sustainability and energy conservation which means Energy Star rated products are strongly encouraged! Make sure to talk with your roommate(s) about who is bringing what to save space and energy.

Fridge – The University of Maine at Farmington implements a one fridge per room policy. All fridges need to be 4.6 cubic feet or smaller in size and use 2.0 amps or less. A large community fridge is also typically available for use in the community kitchen.

Microwave – Microwaves need to use 800 watts or less. A microwave is also typically available for use in the community kitchen.

Fan. It can get a little toasty during the beginning and end of the school year so a fan might be useful. Air conditioning units are NOT allowed.

Lamp. There is lighting in all of the rooms but a desk lamp or a standing lamp for the corner of the room can add extra lighting and a softer light to the room.

Cooking/heating appliances. Bring whatever you feel that you will need. You may want to consider a coffeemaker and/or George Foreman Grill. Keep in mind that the Snack Bar is also a great place to swing by and grab a cup of coffee in the morning or a late night snack. Any cooking or heating appliances with an open coil or heating element are NOT allowed.

UL Extension Cords/surge protectors. These will allow you to plug in multiple items safely. Please make sure not to place too many appliances on one outlet as this could cause a fire safety hazard.

Cable for cable television hook-up. Each room has one cable connection and basic cable is provided for residents with the cost included in your housing cost. More channels are available on the television in each residence hall lounge.

Television. Flat screens are great but you will not be able to drill into the wall so the smaller screens that can stand on their own will be better.

Telephone. Each room has one place to connect a landline phone. If you wish to use a phone and not a cellphone, you will need to bring a phone and telephone cord. Cordless phones using 2.4G.Hz or 5.8 G.Hz are not allowed. You will also want to bring a prepaid phone card as phone calls not made to numbers on campus or locally will require a prepaid phone card. Each room has a preassigned number. Just contact the Assistant Director for Residence Life and Housing to get this number.

Computer and printer. There is a computer lab on campus with access to both Macs and PCs, along with a printer. Students are allowed to bring personal computers and printers as well. The campus and all of the residence halls are wireless but there are also two Ethernet ports per room so you might want to bring an Ethernet cord as well.

Additional furniture. You may want to bring in another chair, a small table, etc. Just keep in mind all pieces of University owned furniture (typically one bed, one closet or armoire, one dresser, and one desk and chair per resident) must stay in the room for the entirety of the year and is not allowed to be removed from the room. Futons and small couches do not tend to fit on our rooms because most beds cannot be lofted high enough so you may want to wait to see if you think a futon will fit before bringing one. You CANNOT loft the beds.

Items NOT permitted:

Any items with an open flame including candles, incense burners, etc. Lighters are permitted for those students who smoke but should only be used outside for the purpose of lighting cigarettes and cigars.

Any items with an exposed heating element or coil such as hotplates, Bunsen burners, toasters, and toaster ovens.

Electrical space heaters.

Halogen lamps.

Bed risers are permitted but must be made of plastic and no taller than 4 inches. You can find these at stores like Wal-Mart and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Pets with the exception of fish are not allowed. There is a limit of one fish container per resident with a maximum capacity of ten gallons per container.

We also have several stores in Farmington or in nearby Auburn and Augusta, including Wal-Mart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Reny’s, and Target in case you forget something or want to wait to purchase a few items after you see your new home.

Remember…you do not have to bring everything!