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UMF’s New Biomass Based Central Heating Plant is Under Construction!

Ground Breaking May 26, 2015

Groundbreaking News Release (Inside UMF)

Groundbreaking News (Daily Bulldog)

Estimated Project Completion Jan 1, 2016


plant_renderingArtistic rendering of completed central plant (view to the northeast)


Photos of Project Work from late August, 2015


Added insulation to water pipes which are ready to be buried (next to Mantor library looking south toward IT Center).


The excavation site showing the construction of the storage bin for the wood chips which will be in the basement of the new plant (view to the west from Quebec St.).

Photos of Project Work from late July, 2015

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 New water pipes which will form part of the heating loop for campus.

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 The excavation site showing the the pit which will  house the building foundation (view to the west from Quebec St.).