Terracycle is a national upcycling program managed on campus by the Sustainable Campus Coalition. Every item collected and sent to Terracycle is made into another product, and Terracycle provides donations to the United Way of the Tri-Valley Area in exchange for the products we send them. Your participation helps fund
programs to improve lives and build a strong community while also reducing waste in our landfills!

Step 1: Collect Waste Items to Terracycle

The waste items that the Terracycle program is currently accepting include:

  • Foil-lined energy bar, granola bar, and protein bar wrappers
  • Dental care waste (mouthwash bottles, toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, floss containers, and soap packaging)
  • Personal care and beauty waste (Hair care packaging, skin care packaging, deodorant, and cosmetics packaging)
  • Rigid plastic cups such as Solo cups (#6 plastic only)
  • Air care waste (air freshener cartridges, plugs, and packaging, plastic trigger heads, and Febreze ONE bottles, trigger heads, and refills)

Step 2: Drop Waste off at Collection Locations

The map below shows the current drop-off locations on the UMF campus. Community members can also drop off their waste behind the United Way office at 218 Fairbanks Road in Farmington.

Look for blue bins with the Terracycle logo on them like the one shown below!

For more information on Terracycle, click here.

For more information on the programs at the United Way of the Tri-Valley Area that Terracycle supports, click here.