The SCC would like to say congratulations on your decision to attend the University of Maine Farmington!

As fellow students, faculty and staff, we are very pleased you have decided to join us at UMF! Farmington is known for having a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Here on campus you will find a strong network of community members, along with students, faculty, and staff who are dedicated to caring for the environment.

We hope that you will join us in embracing sustainability and taking tangible steps towards living responsibly. We would like to encourage you to look into the Sustainable Campus Coalition when you arrive in the fall. Anyone can join our group and participate in our weekly meetings and exciting projects.

We have included a list of important tips that we thought you should know before moving in on campus.

Green Residence Hall Checklist

1. See what you can salvage- Before you go out and buy brand new stuff for your room, check around for second-hand, used appliances or other residence hall furnishings. This stuff is usually in great working condition and will save you a ton of money!

2.Energy Star Appliances- These appliances are becoming more common and innovative in homes, workplaces, and residence halls all across America. We strongly encourage you to consider choosing Energy Star Appliances. Over two million people in the US have pledged to use Energy Star, producing 530 million dollars in energy savings.

3.  One fridge ONLY – UMF has a strict one-refrigerator per room policy, even though most rooms house more than one student. One of the most important things you can do before you go out and buy stuff for your room is contact your roommate! In doing this you will ensure that you both only end up with one fridge, which will save you money, and energy for the campus.

4. Think twice about a microwave- Although microwaves are allowed in rooms, many students find them to be a waste of money considering that each hall is equipped with a kitchenette and microwave for community use.

5. Coffee Makers-You simply don’t need one! Some halls have coffee makers in their kitchenette areas, and there are many other ways to get coffee. The snack bar located right on campus provides coffee. There are also several coffee shops located only a few minutes away from campus.

6. Don’t forget your power strip- Power strips are essential in residence hall rooms, where you are running numerous electronics on limited outlet space. Not only do power strips act as major energy savers, but they also protect your appliances against electrical damage.

7.  CFL’s- CFL light bulbs, although they may at first appear more expensive, will save you money in the long run because they last 70-80 % longer than regular light bulbs. They are great to use in your personal desk lights, and also save energy.