IMG_3301UMF is committed to environmental stewardship and to graduating responsible global citizens who care about the environment. As an educational institution, we are dedicated to being a leader in promoting the sustainable use of the Earth’s resources. Teaching about sound environmental practices must be an intrinsic part of our campus culture; their benefits will be made apparent to students, faculty, staff, and our surrounding community, all of whom can participate in efforts to enhance environmental sustainability. Environmental issues should be studied broadly in courses and programs across the curriculum.

In addition to educating our community, we will demonstrate by our own policies and practices that we are good environmental stewards. Sustainable practices will be an integral part of our campus management and operations—in building and renovating, in reducing pollution and waste, in using appropriate energy resources and materials, and in protecting and incorporating the native environment in our campus spaces. We set goals for ourselves in terms of reducing energy usage and carbon emissions and monitor our progress towards them.

President's Council