Green Tips

The SCC produces original green tips for the UMF campus, which are informative advice and/or facts about ways students can save energy and money in their everyday lives.

The green tips cover many different areas, offering students advice on anything from CFL light bulbs and power settings on their personal computers to shorter shower times and turning off lights. Each green tip usually includes a fact that informs the student, but also tells how the student can apply the tip to their individual everyday lives.

Below is an example of a typical green tip:

Green Tip #1

Did you know that by changing your computer’s power management settings you can minimize energy consumption?

By doing this alone you can cut a computer’s power usage in half without affecting productivity.

Using power management features on your computer you may be able to save more than 600 KWh of electricity and more than $60 a year in energy costs.

Brought to you by the Sustainable Campus Coalition


The SCC has worked extensively on signs and posters for the residence halls to inform and educate students. After a few students conducted an informal audit of Scott Hall, it was clear that there were areas in the building that could easily be improved, and this was found to be true in each of the residence halls.

The signs are creative and informative, giving information on things like cold wash settings in the washing machines and reminders to switch off the lights when leaving the bathroom.

Getting signs in all of the residence halls and/or academic buildings is a work in progress, but in the future the SCC hopes to implement some specific signage. Plans are underway to place educational signage in the Education Center informing students how to use its energy efficient features, as well as signs in the residence halls that will inform students how to most effectively recycle.