About Koviashuvik Local Living School:

Founded in 2008, Koviashuvik is a small school that teaches practical and inexpensive ways for people to live with and use their local land. Through a blend of traditional folk arts, wilderness travel, organic gardening, sustainable  technologies, primitive skills and permaculture, Koviashuvik hopes to connect people to the land, each other, and to the joys of providing for oneself right from the earth. Classes range from one-hour long off-site workshops, to residential weekend programs, to extended apprenticeships. They work with school groups, families, and individuals of all ages. Koviashuvik’s mission statement is to help create a world that is socially just, physically healthy, and spiritually alive by teaching skills and ways of living that connect people to the earth and their local communities.

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SCC Involvement:

SCC Student Members Shawn Menard and Kelsey Ottmann have begun a year long project working with Chris and Ashirah Knapp, founders of the Koviashuvik Local Living School in Temple, Maine. Our project is to capture what they do on a daily basis.  Over the course of the year, Kelsey and Shawn will be making monthly visits to Koviashuvik learning from Chris and Ashirah Knapp.  This learning process will be documented mostly by photography and blogs produced from each visit. Shawn and Kelsey will also be working on connecting the Knapps to the community and to UMF.

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