The Thrifty Beaver Co-op is open!

Summer 2018 Operating Hours of the TBC:

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 1-6 pm

We are located in Room 004 in the basement of IT Commons next to the UMF Student Center

Some press from our opening!      Daily Bulldog Article (11/5/2016)


Donations for food and thrift items can be placed in the large blue tubs at the entrance to the TBC. Food donations can also be placed in the donation tubs which are located at the door to the SCC Office (Room 008 in the Student Center) and at the entrance to the Mantor library.

Thanks for your support!



Food and Thrift Donation Guidelines are here

Rules of the TBC are here

The TBC is now a member of the College and University Food Bank Alliance (CUFBA)

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* For any questions or comments about the TBC please contact:

Kaeley Stewart, kaeley.stewart@maine.edu

Luke Kellett, luke.kellett@maine.edu, 207-778-7096

& Check us out on Facebook  Image result for facebook