Welcome to the Diversity Lab!

We are compelled by the conviction that leading purposeful, ethical, and personally rewarding lives presupposes a willingness to learn in ways that invariably broaden and sharpen our “ability to see the multiple worlds of others.”  The Laboratory for the Advancement of Critical/Creative Diversity is an incubator and articulator of ideas that co-facilitates the development and implementation of vital educational interactions and collaborations, with an emphasis on generating substantive reflections about, and imaginative responses to, a range of political, cultural, and moral issues.  Opening up both actual and symbolic spaces via awareness campaigns, trans-cultural conversations, reading groups, interventions, and campus-wide forums featuring scholars, artists, and activists, the Lab fosters multi-layered participatory structures for addressing such questions as:

  • What does it take to nurture our capacity to question commonly held assumptions about what is “normal” and “natural” in human experience?
  • How do we create a campus community that is poised to address current and projected demographic changes in an accountable and creative fashion?
  • How does one craft an inclusive classroom (no matter what one teaches)?
  • Where do decisions that affect society as a whole get made?
  • What is the future of shared public space?
  • Is economic democracy possible?
  • What is the relationship between a university and the public good?