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Johnson Scholars Student Assistant Program

The Johnson Scholars Program provides one­ on ­one peer mentoring to first ­year undeclared students from their first week at UMF through to the end of their first year. Through sharing experiences from their first year on campus, Student Assistants can help students to settle into campus life. They offer expertise in UMF’s expectations of students, both in and outside the classroom. Student Assistants also will introduce Johnson Scholar students to campus resources and help them to determine how to best take advantage of these resources to solve day­to­day problems. These mentoring relationships play an important role in showing how successful students engage in learning, build strong connections, and make time to enjoy all that college has to offer.

Mentoring topics include­­:

Basic technology skills

Setting up a weekly calendar

Understanding course syllabi

Meeting professors

Budgeting money

Understanding a financial aid package

FAFSA completion