Students participate in academic, career/college, and social/cultural activities from September to May. Each activity is designed to increase the chances for success at a postsecondary institution.

  • Follow-up Meetings

Follow-up meetings are designed to develop strategies for overcoming personal and academic challenges. Meetings are individual and, generally, occur during a participants study hall period so as not to disrupt his/her academic schedule.

  • Contact Between Meetings

An 800 number is provided to students to use for consultation and support during office hours, allowing phone connection to be made between follow up meetings. Students are also given UMF Upward Bound email accounts that they may use for communication.

  • Tutoringwhiteout

Tutoring is a very important part of UMF’s UB academic year program. Upward Bound hires area college students and professionals to provide tutoring to participants, as well as arranges peer tutoring when available.

  • Enrichment Seminars and Reunions

Once each month month during the academic year, Upward Bound participants meet on the UMF campus for enrichment seminars and reunions. Seminars include test preparation, college application, career exploration, financial aid, study skills and cultural events.

  • College Trips

Students are also eligible to participate in UB sponsored college trips. Two to three trips are taken in the fall and early winter, and one trip, catering entirely to sophomores and juniors is taken in the spring.

Student college applications usually dictate the agenda, but students most often visit Boston area colleges, schools in the University of Maine system, and other New England colleges and universities.

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