All winning applications are made public to the UMF community.   Below are links to many different winning applications.  If you wish to view a copy of other applications please contact the Chair of the Undergraduate Research Council.


Emily Baer, Art as Activism: Historical Context and Contemporary Relevancy
Faculty Sponsor: Katrazyna Randall

Addie Harris, DNA Sequencing as a Method for Larval Identification in Odonates
Faculty Sponsor: Jean Doty

Andrew Thompson, Missa Ukulele
Faculty Sponsor: Phil Carlsen

Amy Blankenship, Couch surfing Across America: Fiction Built Upon Found Truths
Faculty Sponsor: Pat O’Donnell

Gillian Laidlaw, The Lumberyard: An Ethnography of Northern Forest Lumber Workers
Faculty Sponsor: Julianna Acheson

Sara Groves, Representations in French Cinema of the Algerian War
Faculty Sponsor: Daniel Becker

Anthony Greenlaw, A petrographic and geochemical investigation of central Maine plutons
Faculty Sponsor: David Gibson

Carla Powers and Danielle Cerone, Student Based Photography Exploration and Reflection: Transitional Issues of the Upward Bound College Student
Faculty Sponsor: Chad Duncan

Ty Thurlow, Narratives of War
Faculty Sponsor: Michael Johnson

Ian Putnam,Testing a new, non-destructive method of chemical analysis of lithic fragments: a case study using Mt. Kineo rhyolite and Munsungen chert
Faculty Sponsor: David Gibson

Oreva Olakpe, Post-war Conflict Resolution: Grassroots involvement in Liberia after the 1999-2003 Civil War
Faculty Sponsors: Sylvie Charron, Linda Beck

Christian Tuttle, Allegories of Ivory in La Chanson de Roland
Faculty Sponsor: Eric Brown

Derek Gilbert, Open Source Software in Radio Broadcasting
Faculty Sponsor: Gail Lange

Adam Case, Designing and Analyzing New Algorithms and Heuristics to Solve the Coin-Moving Puzzle
Faculty Sponsor: Chris Bennett

Ken Masloski, Grasshopper Diversity in Central Maine
Faculty Sponsor: Ron Butler