Past Wilson Fellows

2016-2017 Wilson Research Fellows

Brigid Chapin, Drawn:  The Reclamation of Personal Identity in Women’s Graphic Memoirs
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Sabine Klein

Eli Kidson, Mapping teh Boundary at Ifinity for the Baumslag-Solitar Groups
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Nicholas Koban

Cassie Scott, American Outliers:  The Debated Existence of American Maroon Memoirs
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Michael Schoeppner

2015-2016 Wilson Research Fellows

Rebecca Young, Investigating effects of antibiotic exposure on bateria resistance of oral microbiota resulting in dental health issues
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jean Doty

2014-2015 Wilson Research Fellows

Tyler Belanger, Christopher Roberts, and Joshua Wynne, It’s a ramp!  It’s a carrot!  No it’s a triangle:  Helping students undertand the characteristics of shapes
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Shannon Larsen

Hannah Lust, Aggregate Formation of PQN-75 in C. elegans
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jean Doty

2013-2014 Wilson Research Fellows

Simone Thiry, The Lattice of Set Partitions and Transition Matrices of Symmetric Functions
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Paul Gies

Christa Bonney, The Development of a Live Imaging Technique and a Sustainable Diabetic Model in Adult Zebrafish
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jean Doty

2012-2013 Wilson Research Fellows

Grace Kendall,  Born for a Storm: The Development and Consequences of Andrew Jackson’s Volatile Personality.
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Chris O’Brien

CeCelia Palow,  Patient Perception of Executive Functions in Parkinson’s Disease by Stage.
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Marilyn Shea

Anna Soule,  Musical DNA: An Exploration of Nature Versus Nurture in Musical Aptitude.
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jean Doty

2011-2012 Wilson Research Fellows

Sebastian Jackson, When Tonges Collide: A History of Language Policy in 20th Century South Africa.
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Walter Sargent

Skylar Hopkins, The Role of Invasive Species in the Transmission of Infectious Diseases.
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Ron Butler

Thomas Kilcoyne, Sigma Invariants of Semidirect Products of Free Groups and Finitely Generated Groups with respect to  Group Actions by Pure Symmetric Automorphisms.
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Nic Koban

2010-2011 Wilson Research Fellows

Kieran Nichols, Video Processing in Resource Constrained Environments.
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Chris Bennett

Jacob Hansen, A Structural Analysis of Bald Mountain, Washington Township, Maine.
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Douglas Reusch

Benjamin Engel, Temperature Variation and Turnover Events in Maine High-elevation Ponds.
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Julia Daly

2009-2010 Wilson Research Fellows

Joshua Case, Measuring Complexity of d–Note Pitch Collections Within a c-Note Chromatic Universe.
Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Lori Koban

Dameron J. Terry, Cultural Constructions of Charles Guiteau.
Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Christopher S. O’Brien

2008-2009 Wilson Research Fellow

Daniel Allen, Sigma Invariants of Braid Groups.
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Nicholas A. Koban

2007-2008 Wilson Research Fellows

Katelyn Michaud, Distinguishing Hybrid Milfoil in Maine Lakes.
Faculty sponsors: Dr. Daniel Buckley, Dr. Jean Doty

Monica Hall, Magmatism and Crustal Evolution of the Northern Appalachians – Evidence from the Shirley-Blanchard Pluton, Central Maine.
Faculty sponsor: Dr. David Gibson