The Undergraduate Research Council

Three (3) members of the committee shall consist of Administrators or Professional staff and chosen by the VPAA.  Nine (9) faculty members shall be elected directly by the faculty.  Elections will be held concurrently with faculty senate elections.  Each year, 3 members will be elected for 3 year appointments.  In case an open position occurs after an election or during the year it will remain unfilled until the following election.  The committee shall be chaired by a faculty member.

University of Maine at Farmington’s Undergraduate Research Council Members:

Faculty:  Term ends at the end of the spring semester for the year listed.

Olivia Donaldson, Assistant Professor of French (2017)
Lori Koban, Chair, Professor of Mathematics (2017)
Karol Maybury, Associate Professor of Psychology (2017)
David Gibson, Professor of Geology (2018)
Allison Hepler, Professor of History (2018)
Gail Lange, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science (2019)
Natasha Lekes, Assistant Professor of Psychology (2019)
Sarah Maline, Associate Professor of Art History (2019)
Meredith Swallow, Assistant Professor of Elementary Education (2019)

Staff/Administrators :

Lorraine Pratt, Grants Writer and the Partnership for Civic Advancement
Laurie MacWhinnie, Head of Reference Services, Mantor Library

For more information

Lori Koban, Chair URC