people-collageUMF offers an interdisciplinary minor as well as electives in Women’s and Gender Studies. Students may also create an individualized major in Women’s and Gender Studies.

We’ve designed the program to facilitate connections between:

culturally familiar and unfamiliar knowledge
local lives and global realities
course content and the critical faculties
gender and other ways of determining identity, including race, class, ethnicity, sexuality, and religion
students and faculty
life as a student and life as a citizen of the world
theory and practice

Women’s and Gender Studies Minor Requirements

WST 101S Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies 4

WST 330 Topics in Contemporary Feminist Thought 4

Subtotal: 8

Twelve credits of electives selected from other WST courses and departmental courses cross-listed with Women’s and Gender Studies. At least four of these credits must be in WST courses.

WST 266H (also ENG 295H) The Female Body in Western Culture (4)

WST 267 Gender and the Cultures of Globalization (4)

WST 277 Special Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies (4)


WST 297 Independent Study in Women’s & Gender Studies (2 to 4)

WST 377 Special Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies (2 or 4)

WST 396 Internship in Women’s and Gender Studies (4 to 8 )

WST 397 Independent Study in Women’s and Gender Studies (2 to 4)

Subtotal: 12

Total credits for the Minor: 20

What Students Have to Say

“Most valuable to me about the program and courses was that I was shown a perspective different than I had been taught before. Actually, I learned that there exist many different perspectives, and that I was not forced to subscribe to any one of them.”

“It has been an eye-opener to a world that I’ve never known before.”

“While in the program, I felt that I was on the cutting edge of knowledge. I loved discussing current practices and issues affecting women right now.”

“The courses I have taken have changed my life in fundamental ways. Coming to Farmington for this program has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have been able to study the written material with more focus than any other area I have ever been involved in and apply it not only in academia, but in life.”

“I feel as if I am claiming my education instead of sitting back and receiving the minimals. I ask questions and feel more confident about myself and my education.”

“Taking Women’s Studies courses has really helped me develop a direction in my education; where a plain History major left me not knowing what I was going to do after college, now I have tons of ideas.”

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WST Courses:

WST101S  Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies (4 credits)

This course introduces students to the interdisciplinary study of women and gender.  Students will learn about the diverse histories that make women’s studies a complex, but dynamic site for understanding how our ideas about healthcare, history, politics, media, and labor are shaped by gender, race, class, and nation.  Students will also gain the conceptual tools, vocabulary, and methods that will help them analyze these ideas and contribute their own informed understandings to the study of women and gender.

WST 277 Special Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies (2-4 credits)

An intermediate level study of topics not already covered by regular course offerings in women’s and gender studies. The course may be repeated for credit when different topics are considered. Prerequisite(s): variable.

WST 330 Topics in Contemporary Feminist Thought (4 credits)

In this course, students will concentrate on key texts from the late twentieth-and early twenty-first century that address core subjects of study in feminist theory.  Readings and discussion will address feminist approaches to identity, knowledge, power and resistance, the body, economics, globalization and transnationalism, and art and media. Race, class, gender, and cross-cultural perspectives are emphasized. Prerequisites: Eng 100 or permission of instructor.

WST 266H (ENG 295H) The Female Body in Western Culture (4 credits)

Course Description: In this course we will examine historical and contemporary understandings of the female body in Western culture.  We will study constructions of the female body in medicine and science, in the law, in the media, in literature, and in sport culture. Our goals are to become more astute cultural critics, to better understand the political, personal, intellectual, and social ramifications of dominant representations of the female body, and to analyze challenges to these representations—in theory, research, literature, the arts, and in everyday embodied practices. Prereq: Eng 100 or permission of instructor.

WST 267 Gender and the Cultures of Globalization (4 credits)

In this interdisciplinary course, students study globalization as a diverse historical process that both shapes and is shaped by gender. We will explore how gender is implicated in the relations of people and cultures in and between nations through colonialism, war, immigration and migration, tourism and travel, transnational modes of production and exchange, and transnational coalitions. While the course will focus on fiction, film, and memoir, we will also have readings from geography, history, anthropology, and economics. Every three years. Prereq: Eng 100 or permission of instructor.

WST 396 or ENG 396 Ripple Internship (4 credits)

Every semester, a student in Women’s and Gender Studies or Creative Writing edits and publishes the feminist and social justice zine Ripple. Other internships in Women’s and Gender Studies are also available.


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