Kelsey with client on laptop

What is the Writing Center?

The Writing Center, literally, is a center for writing. Writers of all levels in all subjects come to the Writing Center to find readers/responders. Sometimes they come with only an American Texts and Contexts assignment and a blank sheet of paper. Sometimes they come with the first draft of a 20-page Intro to Community Health paper. Sometimes they come with a nearly-perfect application for graduate school. Writing Center clients come in for hundreds of reasons, but we hope all of them leave with something valuable: a new perspective on an assignment, ideas for a conclusion for a 20-page paper, or a now-perfect application.

When is the Writing Center open?

The Writing Center is open Monday through Thursday from 1 to 4 p.m. from the second week of the semester until the last week of classes. The center is not open during the summer or when there are no classes scheduled: snow days, Symposium Day, final exam week, holidays, or breaks. When possible, the center offers off-site tutoring at other times. Drop by or call 207-778-7187 to learn more.

I would like to visit the Writing Center.  What should I do?

Call 207-778-7187 (or 7187 on campus) for an appointment, or drop by Franklin Hall . Bring your assignment sheet or syllabus, materials related to the assignment, any writing you’ve done so far (in hard copy or on your own laptop, Google Drive, or flash drive), and questions you have that can help your tutor help you. Try to schedule more than one visit for each assignment to take the best advantage of the writing process. If you would like regular tutoring, we can set up a weekly schedule for you.

What if I need help 24/7?

Synthesis:  Using the Work of Others is the UMF Writing Center/Mantor Library Plagiarism Tutorial website, always available as a link from both the Writing Center and Mantor Library homepages. The website helps students figure out how to use and cite sources appropriately.

When possible, the center offers tutoring outside normal operating hours. Drop by or call 207-778-7187 to learn more.