If you want to request a song on-air, call (207) 778-7353


If you are a promoter, record label, or band, please send your questions or requests to the appropriate person(s)/address(es). If you are a student, community member, or listener who wants to learn more about the station and/or find out how to join, email: wumfproduction@gmail.com

The 2017-2018 Executive Board:

Station Manager, Designated Chief Operator: Richard Southard

Office Hours: Wed 10am– 12pm, Fri 11am-1pm

Email: wumfstationmanager@gmail.com

Music Director/Production Manager: Nate Red

Office Hours: Wed 10am-2pm

Email: wumfmusicdirector@gmail.com

Assistant Music Director: Bethany Berger

Office Hours: Mon 10:30am – 12:30pm

Treasurer: Hawa Soubane

Office Hours: Thurs 9am-11am

Relations Director: Chole Woodward

Office Hours: Wed 2pm – 4pm

Email: wumfrelations@gmail.com

World Music Director: Sylvia Schulze

Office Hours: Monday 9am-10am, Friday 9am-10am

Email: wumfworld@gmail.com

Hip Hop/RPM Music Director: Sam Burchill

Office Hours:Fri 1pm-3pm

Email: wumfhiphop@gmail.com

Loud Rock Director: Colin Bradford

Office Hours: Mon 1pm-3pm

Email: wumfmetal@gmail.com,

Local Music Director: Noah Marsh

Office Hours: Fri 10am-12pm

Email: wumflocal@gmail.com

To contact any of our Executive Board members, please call the WUMF Office Phone listed below and/or leave a message on our machine.

Mailing address:

111 South Street
Farmington, ME 04938

on air studio phone 207.778.7353

office phone 207.778.7352