WUMF’s online stream can be accessed from the Shoutcast radio directory:

Instead of using the web player, you can click the link below to connect to our stream in an mp3 application such as WinAmp (Windows), iTunes (Mac OS 9/X or Windows), or xmms (Linux).

WUMF 91.5 Online Streaming Radio

If, for some reason the links do not work, you can enter our stream address manually. The supported players above (WinAmp, iTunes, and xmms) each have options to “Open URL”, “Open Location”, or “Open Stream”.

Select the option that is present in your player of choice then enter the following http address:

WUMF 91.5 can also be found and listened to in the global SHOUTcast Radio Directory.

For a complete list of supported media players, click here.

if you want to request a song on-air, call (207) 778-7353