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How many clubs would you suggest joining?

When I got to this school, I planned on joining all of the clubs. I thought it was so wonderful that there were so many, considering the fact that there weren’t nearly as many for me in high school. However, I’m a junior and that never happened. I didn’t join ten clubs right from the start and that’s something I regret. As a creative writing major, I didn’t even join Writers Guild until this year. I wish I’d joined the second I got here.
There is no magic number of clubs that you should join. It all depends on your schedule. If you’re a UMF athlete, then maybe you won’t have as much extra time for clubs. Or maybe you will. It’s impossible to tell you what you should do. The important thing is that you do what you want to do. It’s hard to put yourself out there as a freshman. I know I felt like people would question my interest in the group or something of that nature, but they don’t. They’re just happy to meet someone else with the same interests as themselves. Take advantage of clubs or sports or whatever it is you’re interested in because that’s what college is about. It’s about developing yourself to become a more well-rounded, educated, interested you. So join as many clubs as you can. Join all of the clubs. You should do everything you can to participate in as many activities on this campus as possible.

My roommate makes me feel really unwelcome, almost as if I’m just a visitor in her dorm. How do I talk to her about this without her hating me?

Roommates are tough. It’s like your entire life you lived in a house, and even if you had to share a room with a sibling, you had places to go that were right nearby that were almost as good as your room. You had a whole house to hide away in, if you needed to. And now you’ve moved away for the first time ever and you have to live in a tiny room with a whole other person. Honestly, it sounds like a joke. We all have our own stuff that we need to take with us to make these dorms feel like home, and how can you fit two big worlds of people into one cramped room?
The point is that dorms do get stressful. All the time. So, I guess the first thing I’d say is that you shouldn’t take it personally. I know it’s still frustrating, but if you let it bother you personally then you’re going to spend a lot of time stressed out and upset in a place that is your home just as much as it is hers. No, she shouldn’t treat you like that, but sometimes bad roommates just happen. Some people do not know how to share and that can make every moment feel strained. Just laugh it off. If she’s going to be unreasonable, let her be unreasonable.
Secondly, if she’s a friend and you don’t like the way it feels between you two, then maybe you do need to talk to her about it. Ask her if there’s something you’ve been doing. Say that you get the feeling she’s been stressed out lately and ask if there’s anything you can do to help. If you phrase the conversation as a way for you to help her, then perhaps she’ll try harder to go easy on you because she recognizes you as a friend and not someone who’s fighting for space. On the same note, sometimes no matter how many times you have the same conversation with a person, they still act the same way. If she is completely inconsiderate and rude, then don’t feel weird about talking to your CA. That’s their job and every CA I’ve ever had has been kind and understanding. Don’t let one person ruin your college experience. There are plenty of ways for you to figure this out. You just need to recognize how you feel and start changing the atmosphere.


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