By Joseph Arsenault, Editor

Michael for WUMF 003

Michael Diffin in the
WUMF office
(Photo by Joseph Arsenault)

     UMF’s radio station 91.5 WUMF is gearing up for a semester of what appears to be a fantastic line-up of student-run radio shows.

   Station Manager of WUMF Michael Diffin serves as a reference to all members of WUMF, and is knowledgeable of FCC (Federal Communications Commission) regulations and radio equipment.  He is also responsible for station maintenance.  This semester he is excited about the student-run shows to come.

   “We have everything from the ‘Epic Awesome Adventure,’ which is popular music like Big Time Rush and Lady Gaga, to ‘Hipster Team, Assemble!’ which plays more underground, probably less known music of the area,” said Diffin.

   For a foreign twist, Diffin said, “We feature shows such as ‘Ze French Touch’ which is two of our French foreign exchange students who feature European music which has been featured much less in the past on WUMF.”

   With requirements of public service announcements, heavy rotation songs (more popular songs), and light rotation songs (less popular), Diffin said, each student run show is given around an hour and a half to give UMF and the surrounding area their taste of music. “We are a club that makes you run your own media source,” he said.

   Some students talk to production companies and obtain music from new and upcoming artists. Genres such as world music, hip hop, RPM (revolutions per minute), metal, and alternative, are received by the club either by email or snail mail mentioned Diffin. “A handful of students run the radio station and are responsible for introducing new music to the community.  When there are no DJ’s in the studio they are responsible for making sure WUMF’s audio on automation is up and running to make sure there is a constant stream of current music that is distributed to us by production companies,” he said.

   The radio station has even dealt directly with bands.  “We dealt directly with bands in such cases as when we went to Portland and saw Imagine Dragons first at the Scarborough Bullmoose [record store], and then at the State Theatre Portland,” Diffin said, “as a prelude to our post show interview with them after being in contact with them for upwards of seven months.”

   Relations of WUMF with Imagine Dragons appear to be close. “We had a twenty minute long interview with them about their current position in the music world.”

   Imagine Dragons had sent a hard copy of their single “It’s Time,” to WUMF and Diffin recalled playing the song for the first time last school year.  “It literally exploded in Farmington, the next week everybody was listening to it,” said Diffin.

   The band in fact remembered meeting members of WUMF seven months earlier preceding the bands explosion into the alternative rock scene explained Diffin, at that time Imagine Dragons met WUMF for an extended period of time in Brighton Music Hall in Boston accidentally making the band late for their stage appearance.

   Diffin said, “91.5 WUMF is ‘your station your music’ and we try to live up to that by playing the widest possible range of music, by letting DJ’s have creative control of their shows.” He said, “I play everything from folk to heavy metal.”

   For more information on WUMF contact Diffin at Shows are listed in the table provided by WUMF.