Nicaela Giglia Photo by Marina Giovannini

Nicaela Giglia
(Photo by Marina Giovannini)

By Nicaela Giglia – Editor     

As the end of the school year comes to a close one can’t help but think about the future and what it has in store.  As I registered for my next semester classes I couldn’t believe that I was going to be beginning my senior year. The last three years have flown by with friends, classes, fears, laughs and tears. Working with the Farmington Flyer has been one of the highlights of my time at UMF by far. I took the Journalism class on a whim my sophomore year and fell into the position of vice-president of the Journalism club.  I moved my way up to assistant editor with Marcelle Hutchins and then editor this semester with Joseph Arsenault as my assistant editor.  The experience has made me move out of my comfort zone and taught me so much about what I am capable of. I think that is one of the things that college is about. Testing the boundaries of what you think you can do and using those experiences to better shape the future and your life as a whole. If I had never taken the Journalism class I’m not sure I would have realized that after I graduate I would like go into a career involving publishing and/or editing. When it comes down to it, the path you are meant to take might not necessarily be the one you thought you were meant for. Take risks, laugh and love, don’t forget the little things and make the most of the opportunities that are presented to you.

Next semester I will be behind the scenes as Layout Editor and leaving the Flyer in the very capable hands of Joseph Arsenault and Kerri-Lyn Hernandez. Enjoy the last few moments of school because it flies by, and sooner than you know, you will be worrying about what you need to be doing in the “real” world. Carpe Diem.