Scott Ferrari works on completing construction of the snack shack  Photo by Matt Daigle

Scott Ferrari works on completing construction of the snack shack
(Photo by Matt Daigle)

By Matt Daigle – Staff Writer

As the UMF school year comes to an end, the construction of a snack shack near Prescott Field that began last fall is nearing completion.

The building, a project being financed by both Narrow Gauge Cinema owner John Moore and the University of Maine at Farmington began last September after Moore submitted an application to the Farmington Planning Board for a 648 square-foot structure to be constructed near Prescott Field.

After several months of work, the snack shack isn’t functional yet. Scott Ferrari, one of many construction workers on site, believes the building may be done soon. “The health inspector still needs to come in and evaluate,” Ferrari said, adjusting a piece of wood and wiping his calloused hands on his jeans. “We still have a couple more days of construction. After that, we’re good to go.”

The snack shack is located behind Prescott Field and to the right of Narrow Gauge Cinema. Designed to resemble a train station, the snack shack will offer hot dogs, several types of beverages, desserts and glazed cinnamon roasted nuts. A brick oven pizza has also been constructed, allowing customers to order a variety of pizzas as well.

For some students, a snack shack near Prescott Field will be a welcome addition. Freshman Katrina Streeter, also a member of the ultimate disc team that uses Prescott Field for practice, believes the snack shack is a great idea but believes students should be able to use their points to buy things there. “I mean, it is a Farmington building,” Streeter said. “Being able to use our snack bar points would be really helpful.”

Senior Blake Shelley said it’ll be nice to have somewhere close to go for food and beverages when playing sports. “I live behind Prescott Field,” Shelley said, “and sometimes I throw the frisbee around on the field. I know there are athletes that hate having to walk to the snack bar or the cafeteria to get something to eat.”

However, Shelley is also curious at the position of the snack shack. “People seeing soccer games or softball games have easy access, but what about the field hockey players or the rugby players?” Shelley asked. “It seems a long way to walk for them. It’s too bad there wasn’t a better place to build the shack that would benefit everyone.”

The snack shack has already begun looking for potential employees. According to the Narrow Gauge Cinema website, the snack shack is currently looking for a short order cook with experience in the food industry.