By John Ochira, Staff Writer

Alyssa Dee and Aaron Poirier at th the  NEACURH conference last year.

Alyssa Dee and Aaron Poirier at th the
NEACURH conference last year.
(Courtesy of Alyssa Dee)

    Members of UMF’s Campus Residence Council (CRC), a student government organization that focuses on improving the quality of residential life at UMF, will attend the North Eastern Affiliate College and University Residence Halls (NEACURH) conference this November in Geneseo, New York.

   Geared to serve campus residence organizations, the NEACURH conference provides a learning opportunity for participating organizations while also facilitating the exchange of ideas between the participating schools. Aaron Poirier, President of the UMF Campus Residence Council believes the conference provides necessary exposure for members of any campus residence organization, he said, “…it gives our organization’s members a chance to interact with other schools from New England and New York and talk about things going on at our respective campuses…”

Aaron Poirier, a student

Aaron Poirier (Photo by Wyatt Porter)

   Poirier added, “These interactions also build lasting friendships and connections with students in other parts of our region.”

   Aside from the personal and professional development that the NEACURH offers, Poirier believes the conference—and others like it—positively impact the UMF campus residence community in many ways. “By providing a fun opportunity for CRC members to learn about leadership skills, program ideas, and organization-specific skills, we’re not only ensuring that new ideas get brought back to campus, but that the members within our organization are also growing, getting stronger, and ultimately more effective as leaders,” Poirier said.

   This year’s CRC representatives to the NEACURH conference were chosen through a rigorous application process. Applicants completed an application form on which they were asked, among other questions, what previous conferences, if any, they attended, and what they expect to get out of the NEACURH.

   Katrina Streeter, a co-chair in Francis Allen Black Hall (FAB), who served on the selection committee, said they were looking for applicants who were “enthusiastic and willing to learn.” She said, “We chose the four students we felt would most benefit personally from the trip and would bring back the most to campus through the Campus Residence Council upon their return.”

   CRC Vice President Alyssa Dee, who went through the application process, expressed her excitement for the conference.  “I was beyond excited to be selected,” she said in an email interview. “The applicants worked really hard this year to show why they wanted to go, so being selected was a really big honor.”

Alyssa Dee, a student

Alyssa Dee (Photo by Wyatt Porter)

   Dee is a senior this year and she has been to the NEACURH conference three times before, but it never gets old for her.  “The best thing about this entire conference is the sense of community and the spirit,” Dee said. “I am very loud and energetic person so being able to scream, and shout for the sake of Moose Love (our saying about Marty the moose) is definitely one of the best feelings in the world,” she added.  “NEACURH is a really great group of people and the amount of spirit they have is enough to make you want to go to the conference just for the cheering, but of course there is so much more to learn as well.”

   Poirier and Dee are both very excited for the conference. “Personally, I’m looking forward to the President’s boardroom, where Presidents of organizations like CRC at other campuses get together and discuss relevant issues at our institutions, and share ideas and strategies for addressing them,” Poirier said. “I also love the bonding that takes place between the members of the CRC delegation over the course of the conference, and the long van rides to and from the conference. Also, the conferences theme this year is 90’s Nickelodeon….which is going to be awesome.”