By Joseph Arsenault,Editor   

Josh Wynne and Sean Cabaniss

Josh Wynne and Sean Cabaniss
(Courtesy of Sean Cabaniss)

    Students are encouraged to start a club or organization on campus if current clubs don’t fit their interest and two first-year students have collaborated on creating an Indoor Track & Field Club at UMF.

   President of the club Sean Cabaniss, and Vice President Josh Wynne, are two individuals with dedication to the sport.  “We are both first year students with a strong passion for track,” said Cabaniss by email interview.

   The club is not quite official yet, but seems that it will be soon.  “We are hoping to get things finalized by the end of October,” said Cabaniss, “We still have some loose ends that need to be tied, but other than that we are well on our way to being a very large and successful group!”

   “The number of people signed up has exceeded 50 students,” Cabaniss said.  Even with such a large number there seems to be room for more, as he said, “We are very excited about this number and hope to see it grow!”

   On UMF’s athletic website the closest sport to track appears to be cross country if the two can be compared at all.

   “We have heard many positive comments from other students here about how thankful they were a track club is getting started. In high school it was a time for students to compete, have fun, and spend time with friends, and students still want that opportunity here,” Cabaniss said.

   “The university currently offers very little for track athletes because this sport is just getting started here,” he said.  “We hope to start getting equipment through fundraising,” Cabaniss mentioned as there is not instantaneous funding from the school.

   Whether or not any other schools in Maine compete with Indoor Track & Field at a club level, Cabaniss is not worried. He said, “In fact even if there are no other club teams in the state, we will likely be able to go to varsity meets and compete against other varsity schools in the state.”

Facebook page logo

Facebook page logo
(Courtesy of Sean Cabaniss

   Furthermore, UMF may want to consider adding track to the varsity agenda if the interest is strong enough which it seems to be. “If indoor track was a varsity sport I believe there would be a lot more interest and more participation. Track is a very popular sport that is a good way for people to stay competitive and still have a great time with friends,” said Cabaniss.

   Anyone interested is encouraged to join the new club. “Everybody should join the club regardless of previous experience!” Cabaniss said, “ Events that are offered include, but are not limited to, 55 meter dash, 55 meter hurdles, 200 and 200 meter relay, 400 and 400 meter relay, 800 and 800 meter relay, one mile, two mile, 5K, Shot put, long jump, triple jump, high jump, and pole vault.”

   Indoor Track & Field differs slightly from Outdoor Track & Field. “There really aren’t too many disparities between indoor and outdoor track,” he said, “There are some events that are not offered in indoor that are available in outdoor track, and of course the track is different because of its texture and length. An indoor track is 200 meters in circumference while an outdoor track is 400 meters. It is certainly a lot warmer than outdoor track because you’re in a heated dome.”