By Jack Kelso, Staff Writer

Tyler Hadyniak, Vice President of the College Republicans,  with Governor Lepage.

Tyler Hadyniak, Vice President of the College Republicans,
with Governor Lepage.
(Photo by Nathan Archibald)

 Its election season and the streets and windows of buildings are filled with campaign posters for various candidates.  Several UMF students have differing views on the election.

   This election season is particularly important because like in 2008, the race for President is on.  Will the incumbent President Barack Obama, a Democrat from Hawaii get reelected for a second term, or will Republican Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts and former owner of equity company Bain Capital, win this election.

   “I’m really excited for the elections this year,” said Anna Soul. For reelection Soul supports Obama. Soul said, “I feel like socially and economically he’s the better choice of the two candidates.”

   On Mitt Romney’s website ( it is stated, “Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will rebuild the foundations of the American economy on the principles of free enterprise, hard work, and innovation.”

   “I support Romney because I believe that there has been a lack of sustainable progress in our country and I feel that Romney can correct that”, said Tyler Hadyniak, Vice President of the College Republicans at UMF.  “I feel like Obama for the most part is trying to use social issues to turn the election in his favor, because he wouldn’t be able to win on his economic record.  Take Obama-care for example, I feel that it forces the American people to pay a tax if they choose not to get it, I don’t think that’s right, it costs a lot of money that’s being added to the deficit.  I also feel like Romney is more socially moderate then a lot of mainstream Republicans, like his stance on abortion being allowed in some circumstances.”

    “I like Obama because of his stance on women’s rights and women’s issues Contraceptives and etc…,” said Shannon Butler, a student at UMF and the treasurer for the College Democrats.  “I also feel like he stands up more for students, making sure our student loans and interest rates don’t skyrocket.”

   President Obama has on his website ( that he made sure student loan interest rates didn’t double for upwards of 7 million students.  In addition, federal student loan repayment is sought at 10 percent of income for students who are responsible.

   “I feel like he’s done a really good job with helping college students with loans,” said Molly Reed, a sophomore at UMF and Vice President of the College Democrats. “I also like his stance on social issues such as women’s rights, gay rights and his stance on abortion.”

   President Obama has stated on his website, in an ABC News clip, that he is for supporting marriage for same-sex couples, being the first sitting President to announce such support. “Personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married,” he said.

   “I don’t support Romney because I feel like he stands for everything I am against, I feel like he’s very wishy washy on a lot of issues that are really important, like his stances on abortion and healthcare,” said Reed.

   Savannah Hagerthy, a senior at UMF, supports Romney due to his more conservative views on issues such as gay marriage and abortion.  “I’m voting for Romney because I feel that he is the more pro life candidate, and because of his support of Traditional Marriage (marriage between a man and a woman only),” Hagerthy said.  “Its not just politics to me, Traditional Marriage is much deeper, it’s an image to who we are to our Father, God, and we are as his bride.”