By Ian McAllister, Sports Editor

UMF senior Renee Brown in the playoff game against New  England College

UMF senior Renee Brown in the playoff game against New
England College (Courtesy of

   The UMF women’s soccer team has played a memorable season.

     As a team the women have posted an impressive 6-2-1 record in the North Atlantic Conference (NAC), 10-6-1 overall. For some, it’s just another season, but others are playing their last season as a Beaver.

    “This being my senior year really didn’t hit me until our senior game. I feel like my career is just beginning even though its the end,” said senior midfielder Rachel Clement in a recent email interview. She continues to say, “Especially since we’re winning, every game has been so much fun. We’ve gone into games with a better mind set. Because it’s my senior season, I put everything into my games. I want to make the season last as long as possible so all my effort is left on the field.”

    Playing sports means something for these women. For the UMF women’s soccer team it will be Rachel Clement, Logan Faulkingham, Noelle Moulton, Krista Morrison, Renee Brown, and Alida Peake’s last chance to make it count.

    “It’s crazy to think that we are already in playoffs. We have a huge senior class, there are 6 of us. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we are going to miss the game, our team and our coach after this season,” said senior defender Logan Faulkingham in a recent email interview. “I love this team so much, they are like my family. We have battled through a fantastic season so far, and I hope that it only gets better from here!”

    This season for the team has been a roller coaster with big wins over Thomas, University of Southern Maine (USM), and University of Maine at Presquile whom they demolished with a 10-0 match.

    “One of the more fun games was the NEC game when we played in the pouring rain and came out with a huge win. Or the Husson game. Even though we lost, we played so well. They scored early but we dominated on their half almost the entire game,” said Clement

    There is no “I” in team when it comes to winning games for the Beavers, but they’ve had some outstanding athletes help them win key games. Kayla Tuttle, junior from Waterville, Maine, finished the regular season with 13 goals and four assists. They also had Peake end her four year career with 10 goals in the season. You must score goals in order to win but it takes great defense in front of the goal to keep those leads. Beth Lebel, from Lewiston, Maine, held her opponents to a 1.48 goals allowed and also added six shutouts to end her regular season for her junior year. The team had a total of fifty goals, averaging 2.9 goals per game.

    With all this success coming to the girls, how did it happen? What was their secret ingredient to make this season taste so good?

    “We have more of an offensive mindset than last year. In my past 4 years, I would say this years team has the most offensive mindset yet. We have a tough, solid defense and our offensive is improving so much! We have over triple the amount of goals we had last year.” said Faulkingham

    Clement thought the season luck was from a different look. “I don’t think our team is better skill wise or talent as last year or other years we’ve just capitalized on our wins better than the previous years. We have a home playoff game which is pretty cool and we have a winning record.”

    The UMF women’s soccer team was picked fourth in the NAC poll. They didn’t surprise any of the voters as they finished the season as the fourth seed in the playoffs, earning themselves a home playoff game against New England College (NEC).

    UMF surpassed New England College 1-0 in Sunday’s matchup. Their semi-final game at Colby-Sawyer may be held off due to Hurricane Sandy.