By John Ochira, Staff Writer

Senior Class Executive Board

Senior Class Executive Board
(Courtesy of Elizabeth Theriault)

    After months of intense planning and prolonged search for a venue, UMF Senior Class President Emilee McCallister confirmed that the Class of 2013 has reached an agreement with the Farmington Elks Lodge to hold its first senior social on Friday, Nov. 2.

         McCallister and the senior class executive board looked all over before settling for the Elks Lodge. “At first we looked at having it at a different location,” said Senior Class Secretary Elizabeth Theriault, “but it was too expensive.” According to Theriault, the senior class budget, allocated by the Student Senate, could have covered the rental fees of the venues they looked at, but it would not have been able to support any more than two socials per semester.

      Although the Farmington Elks Lodge was reluctant to host the senior social this year, McCallister and the senior class executive board were able to negotiate and agree on the terms and conditions under which the event would be held. Due to some concerns that arose after last year’s senior socials, the Farmington Elks Lodge has conditioned the Senior Class to adjust its security arrangement. The Elks Lodge has required that the senior class hire Farmington Police rather than Campus Police to be in charge of security the night of Nov. 2. McCallister sees nothing wrong with the request. “Yes this was a condition [of the Elks Lodge] but as an executive board we feel that it will help keep things under control and safe. It’s a positive to have as much help as we can have there to make this social a success and to make sure we can have more socials in the future.”

        For busy seniors like Courtney Randall, who juggles three classes, and two jobs with preparations for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), more socials would be better because these socials punctuate her busy life. “I feel like the semester is going by really fast,” Randall said. “It’s intimidating really because on the one hand I am trying to enjoy what time I have left here at UMF, but it’s knowing that in a handful of months I am going to be an ‘adult.’”

         McCallister and the senior class executive board hope to put on more social events for the senior class this year. “I think socials are a great way to bring everyone to together and to do just what the name entails ‘socialize.’” McCallister said. “It’s also a great way to celebrate the four years we’ve spent at UMF and to have some fun before we graduate and all go our separate ways.”

      While the idea of getting together as a class and celebrating in a crowded environment with loud music and alcohol may be exciting for a lot of seniors, it is not the ideal social break for Kathryn Cunningham. “Personally I’m not a big fan of alcohol, and there is always the possibility of things getting out of hand,” Cunningham said.  She has nothing against the senior social; she just doesn’t enjoy it as much.  “My idea of a break is relaxation and down time,” She said. “Baggy sweatpants, fuzzy socks, tea, some really close friends, and the wonders of Netflix. I like to unwind when I relax, and honestly nothing is more fun than being goofy and making fun of a movie with your friends. It is low-key and ridiculously silly at the same time.”

         McCallister and the senior class executive board are looking for more ways to bring the senior class together apart from the traditional socials.  “We are hoping to try and have two socials a semester but also to hold some other events other than socials that will appeal to everyone,” McCallister said.  “We would love to get some ideas from the senior class members.”