By Kerri-lyn Hernandez, Assistant Editor

   On Dec. 1 at 11:00a.m., the town of Farmington will be having its 36th annual Chester Greenwood Day parade, along with other activities throughout the day. Chester Greenwood was the inventor of the earmuffs and was born in Farmington.

   “It’s not just about the parade,” said Maya Kasper, assistant director for the center of student involvement, who was approached by the Chamber of Commerce to be a part of their committee, “it’s about how we connect with the community of Farmington.”

   This year, UMF is getting more clubs and students involved with the parade along with the other activities to celebrate Chester Greenwood Day. “One of the ways we can build that great connection is not only having faculty and staff be involved but students. So community members can get to know students in a positive and exciting way. Our community doesn’t know about all the great clubs we have. I think it’s time the town of Farmington got to know us better,” said Kasper.

   Clef notes will be caroling in the parade, the health club will have a float, and Chompers, the school mascot will be in attendance. Kasper believes Chester Greenwood to be a “strong piece of the history of Farmington,” and that this is a great opportunity for students to learn more about him.

   UMF strived to get more clubs involved with this parade, which is one of the longest parades in Farmington with about thirty different floats. “The president [of UMF] has offered resources… Has offered to help,” said Kasper, “Peter Osborne has agreed to help me. He’s going to navigate and I’m going to drive.”

   Although the parade is a very big part in the celebration, Kasper assures that the parade is not all that is happening in Farmington for Chester Greenwood, “They’re going to do a fun run in the morning. It’s the mile that Chester Greenwood walked to go to work every day. A lot of the downtown businesses are involved. There’s going to be a program in The Landing,” listed Kasper, “A folk singer… in The Landing. There’s gonna be a ginger bread house contest. A chili challenge and ear muff fashion show. Horse and wagon rides, polar bear club dip. We’re gonna do a window contest with all the businesses downtown.” Flyers, banners and brochures will be found throughout campus when everything is finalized.