By Wyatt Porter, Staff Writer


 Purington Hall

(Photo by Wyatt Porter)

Changes are being implemented to the vacation housing policy allowing students to stay in their own room during the breaks.

   Students are now able to stay in the Residence Hall in which they currently live without having to move to one of the previous two options. “Up until this year, people had to live in either Dakin or Mallett Hall during vacation,” said Brian Ufford, Director of Housing and Residence Life at UMF. “This is the first year for a lot of people to stay in their room, wherever they live on campus,” he said.

   Students who choose to stay over the vacations for any of reason, such as winter classes or distance from home, can do so without having to move in to one of the residence halls that were previously open during vacation.

   Community Assistants (CAs) will be available if students have a problem. “Basically they will work in the office, an hour a night,” said Ufford. “There will be four different areas on campus where people can go if they need a CA. There will be rounds in the residences halls.”

Scott Hall

Scott Hall
(Photo by Wyatt Porter)

   Courtney Randall, a senior at UMF and a CA who will be staying in Mallett Hall over Christmas break, feels the change is a good step. “This way it will be easier if someone is locked out and it will be easier for us to keep track of,” said Randall. “If the residents don’t know who is on call, they know who their CA is because they have one CA per area,” she said.

   Students will not be billed to stay over the winter breaks. However, there will be no food service provided, so students will have to account for their own food.

   In order to stay, students will have to sign a break housing application. Applications for break housing can be found at the student life office in the Olsen Student Center. Students who don’t fill out an application will have their IDs turned off during the break. “It’s imperative that they fill it out,” said Ufford.

   Aruna Kenyi, a senior at UMF, feels that these changes are a long time coming. “It gets frustrating moving your stuff from one [residence hall] to another, knowing that you will have to move your stuff back to your previous room,” he said.

   Kenyi, who has lived in Stone Hall and would remain at UMF during previous vacations would have to move to Mallett hall during every break. “You had to know someone to move into their room, and if you didn’t, then that was hard,” said Kenyi. “It’s definitely a good policy that they came up with, it will make life easier for a lot of students who stay here during winter breaks.”

   Ufford feels that the changes were necessary. “For me overall it was a retention piece…,” he said. “I think this offers a much better service to our students.”