By Joseph Arsenault, Editor

Colleen Ward at the  Pulsera Project table

Colleen Ward at the
Pulsera Project table
(Photo by Joseph Arsenault)

   Students at UMF are leading a service project to benefit more than one cause.  This year’s Pulsera Project contains an added twist to help Sandy Relief efforts and is put on by UMF’s chapter of the National Service Fraternity Alpha Phi Omega (APO).

   The purpose of the project is “to raise money for a children’s youth program in Nicaragua,” said UMF student and President of APO, Bre Peters. “We are charging an extra dollar this year though, to go to the Sandy Relief fund,” she said.

   Public Relations for APO, UMF sophomore Colleen Ward said, “This year they [bracelets] are six dollars, they are usually five dollars.” She mentioned one dollar will go to Sandy Relief while five dollars will go to the Pulsera Project.

  The Pulsera Project is not new to the UMF campus. “I think this is our third year doing it,” said Peters.

  Ward pointed out, the money given back to the charity depends on the bracelets sold, and that in the past the project has done well at UMF.   “It’s been very successful,” she said, “and we’ve made a lot of money.”

   “The first year we made like 1400 or 1500, then the next year I think we made like 700…,” said UMF student Becky Cook by text message for clarification on past years successes.

   Recently, at the table in the Olsen Student Center many colorful bracelets covered a table.  Each bracelet appeared to have a unique design and many seemed to be crafted differently. Ward mentioned students have a lot of fun sorting through bracelets and are usually very supportive. “They are all hand made too,” she said, “On each bracelet it [a card or tag] tells you who made it.”

   “It gives you the person’s name and what the Pulsera Project is and on the back the person signs the card,” said Ward.

   The Pulsera Project is lasting till the end of the month.  “It’s going on for three weeks,” said Ward, “It started November twelfth and is going till November thirtieth.”

   The bracelets are to be sold just outside of South Dining Hall in the Olsen Student Center “during lunch and dinner,” said Ward.

   Peters mentioned APO is also working with Community Assistants (CAs) to do a clothing drive. Items would be brought down to New Jersey shelters because of the devastation Hurricane Sandy caused there.

   There is a goal in having these service projects and that, “is to promote service ahead of selfish aims,” said Peters.

   APO is also heading up another service event on campus. “The blood drive is a huge one,” said Ward.  Tabling is to be going on near or around the Pulsera Project, she explained. “Blood drive will also have a table out the same time we [Pulsera volunteers] do,” she said.

   If interested in the Pulsera Project contact Ward at colle