By Ian McAlister, Sports Editor

Matthew Campbell,  UMF’s new assistant Athletic Trainer

Matthew Campbell,
UMF’s new assistant Athletic Trainer
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FARMINGTON- The University of Maine at Farmington’s (UMF) athletic
department has made changes with a new trainer on board.
UMF welcomes Mr. Matthew Campbell as the new assistant Athletic
Trainer. Before this occurred, April Bucheit maintained the position
before seeking another opportunity at a different school.
When the position became available, Campbell took a chance to move
up in his career.
“I was notified about the position from a former professor of
mine, I was ready to advance my career and start working with
collegiate athletes and this was the perfect environment to do so. And
it brought me back to Maine,” said Campbell in a recent email
Campbell found this a great way to return to Maine, a place he has
spent a good amount of time in. He graduated from UMPI in 2010 with a
BA in Athletic Training. From there he began classes at the end of May
at California University of Pennsylvania. He graduated from there in
May of 2011 with a Masters degree in Athletic Training. While at CalU,
he worked as a graduate assistant athletic trainer at California Area
High School. After graduation he went to work at Somerset Hospital
Rehab and Wellness Center as an Athletic Trainer, in which he worked
with physical therapists, created performance enhancement programs for
local high school athletes, and worked as an outreach Athletic Trainer
with the Rockwood Area School District.
Not only was he very excited about getting a job like this, but
he’s very familiar with the UMF atmosphere.
“Being from Maine and having played against UMF while an athlete
at UMPI, I was well versed in what excellence that UMF athletics
offered, and now becoming a member of the team, UMF athletics
continues to live up to that high standard. And that is from a whole
team outlook from the coaches to the athletes, the support and
guidance from Julie the AD, the sports information team, the Medical
staff, and the student workers,” said Campbell.
Before Campbell became situated in his new position, April Bucheit
had a successful career here at UMF.
“While working at UMF, I was able to work with all athletes of all
teams, including club teams. This was a unique experience compared to
some of my friends who worked at other schools and only worked with a
few specific teams year after year,” said Bucheit in a recent email
While working at UMF, Bucheit was respected by fellow athletes and
coaches. Some favorite memories she had while at UMF were
“Field hockey, hosting the NAC Tournament Final in 2009, Men’s
basketball, hosing the NAC Tournament Final in 2010, Traveling with
softball to Virginia Beach in 2011, traveling with baseball to Florida
in 2012.”
“In my time at UMF, I helped a lot of people; it’s difficult
to recall one or two only, but each experience helped me grow and
become a better person, clinician, and athletic trainer.”
With that being said, Bucheit will not only miss the people but
the environment as well.
“I already miss the small town feel of Farmington, Maine, with
Dunkin Donuts and the Post Office being within walking distance of
Dearborn Gym. I also miss the great people I worked with in the
Athletics Department… the coaches, support staff, Wendy, and Jerry, ”
said Bucheit.
With Bucheit leaving and having Campbell coming in, the transition
might’ve been a bit crazy in the trainer’s room for head athletic
trainer Karin Krzal.
“The transition has been fairly smooth from start to finish
considering it occurred during athletic training room’s busiest time
of year. April was able to inform us of her departure approx. one
month prior to her last day here at UMF. Having a full month of prep
time was very important as I was able to complete some administrative
tasks ahead of schedule and prior to April’s departure from UMF,” said
Krzal in a recent email interview
It was because of April that the transition went very smoothly.
Bucheit made sure she was making everyone else’s job easier including
Krzal’s and student workers.
“April did a great job during her final month at UMF. She was able
to effectively continue a high level of care for UMF’s student
athletes while looking forward to plan her own future,” said Krzal.
Karin had 6 student-athletes working with me during the layover.
The students were responsible for setting up all of the fields for
practices/games and helping with daily tasks and treatments in the
athletic training room.
“The students did a fantastic job. I would have had a very
difficult time maintaining the same level of service without their
UMF looks like they’re back to the swing of things in the trainer’s
office. With new change, Campbell looks to give his best to the
athletic department for years to come.