By Sarah Frick, 

UMF Clefnotes

(Courtesy of UMF Clefnotes Facebook page

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear,” according to Buddy the Elf. Singing though, whether holiday related or not, is sure to put a smile on mostly anyone’s face. UMF’s very own acapella group, the Clefnotes, will be embracing their inner elf and performing December 7th at 6:30pm in Nordica Auditorium. The group’s performance will bring together previous staples from their set list as well as some holiday tunes.

Clefnote’s leaders Frank Parson and Kristin MacKenzie hope that the concert attracts not only students, but the public as well. “Our favorite part of performing is looking out into the audience and seeing that we’ve put a smile on our friends’ faces,” explains MacKenzie. With the variety of tunes the Clefnotes have planned, it shouldn’t be hard to please many attendees, “Half Christmas songs, half regular acappella,” says Kellsey Metzger, an alto in the group, “We’re all very excited about this because we’re hoping the idea of a holiday concert will interest Farmington’s families as well as college students.”

In addition to songs of the holiday variety, some of the characteristic Cleftnote classics will be performed too. These include group favorites like “My Girl,” “Yesterday,” and “Mercy.”  “We still perform some songs even though they’ve been part of our set list for years because when we’re all focused and equally excited about the piece we’re singing it unites us,” explains Metzger.  The song “Yesterday” for example, utilizes all members of the group.  Co-leader Frank Parson’s elaborates on the complexity of this popular Clefnote favorite; “It’s one of the few songs where there is no soloist. The supporting parts… are singing the lyrics contrapuntally and trading off the melody between the four vocal parts. As a result, everyone feels extremely involved and connected as a whole group.” While some of the songs are not exactly new, changes in both the group, and some performance aspects, ensure a refreshingly different show. The group has added seven new members in addition to a change in leadership. The group has also been working on chronic issues that have come up in previous performances to reach the group’s full potential.

This on-campus show will not be the only recent show the group has had. In addition to their show on December 1, the Clefnotes are planning an off-campus exhibition on December 15. Parsons  speaks for the group, “’Mainly Voices’ concert is taking place in Orono …We’re looking forward to travelling as a group and hearing what other dedicated college acapella groups have been working on!” This will also be one of the first times in years that the group has gotten a chance to perform off campus.