Matt Roy, President of Student Senate at UMF. (Courtesy of Matt Roy)

By Hunter Rowell – Staff Writer

Matt Roy, President of Student Senate at University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) strives to make UMF students aware that Student Senate is there for them.

During his presidency Roy wants for students to voice their concerns and opinions. “We are here to represent your interests and be your advocate to the administration,” he said.

As a result, Roy and members of the Senate have created the “president’s council,” to increase the Student Activity Fee to give clubs and organizations more money to get more resources and give students more opportunities.

Roy said that “most of our senators are first or second year students who are intensely dedicated to the growth and advancement of student life here at UMF.”

It is a challenge to bring together a group of people to represent the student body, and even more with learning the roles and duties as they go. With the help of “veterans on senate,” Roy said, the Senate could be put together sufficiently.

The growth of the Senate, with fresh members bringing new ideas and aspects shows the bright future of UMF. “The number of young senators we have is a testament to the future health of student senate, as well as the impressive types of students that our Admissions team has been bringing in,” said Roy.

Leadership is a great force in the drive of Student Senate and they recognize it. The Executive Board went to a Leadership Development summit at the Student Government Institute this past summer, and Roy said it “proved to be extremely beneficial in our transition.”

Also, the Leadership Banquet will be taking place, which “is always a great time to recognize the great work that our students do for the club life here at UMF,” said Roy.

In regards to Spring Fling, possibly the biggest event on campus, Student Senate heavily funds the event, and Roy plans to have clubs and organizations come together to help contribute with the festivities. Roy urges for students to “keep your eyes open for an event that could blow everyone away.”

A common misconception is that Student Senate is just a club. Roy wants to make it clear that this isn’t so. “Too often students confuse us as a Club Senate and that is simply not true. We are certainly here to govern club activities, but that is by no means our only role,” he said.

Roy reiterated that Student Senate’s driving force was the people they represent. “We are here to represent your interests and be your advocate to the administration,” Roy said.

General Assembly meets on Tuesdays at 8pm in North Dining Hall A, and it is open to all. “We look forward to seeing you,” said Roy.