Kristina Knight and Abby Hersom Photo by Abby Hersom

Kristina Knight and Abby Hersom
(Photo by Abby Hersom)

By Michelle Switzer – Staff Writer

In hopes to graduate early, three University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) students are taking more than one May term class.

UMF sophomore Kristina Knight sat down at the table in her apartment wearing black leggings, a grey shirt, and black glasses, fresh from a class with books in hand. The apartment was small, with bright colored walls and an open, clean kitchen. Knight pushed up her glasses on her nose and with a smile said, “I’m going to be taking pre-calculus and drawing I, and I will be living at my apartment for the month with my roommate Abby Hersom.”

Hersom, a UMF sophomore, sat down next to Kristina at the table, wearing a green sweater and jeans and smiled in agreement with what Knight said, “Yeah, I’m going to be taking ‘The Help’, an English class on the novel, and Soil and Water, an Environmental Science class.”

The roommates both want to be able to start their teaching careers soon and graduate early. “I am already paying for the apartment so it ultimately makes the rent cheaper,” said Hersom, “The science class in May term is smaller and more hands on, so that makes it easier.”

Not everyone’s May term plans are going as smoothly. Lindsay Ellingwood, a UMF sophomore, was originally going to take two classes, “but one got cancelled,” Ellingwood said, “So now I’m just taking English 277.” She originally wanted to take two classes because, “it was a step towards graduating a semester early so I can graduate with my fiancé,” said Ellingwood.

The three sophomores won’t have much free time during May term. Ellingwood chuckled and fiddled with her engagement ring before saying, “I’ll be in class four days a week, working close to full time if not more at my two jobs, and planning my wedding.” Hersom and Knight both agree that their weeks will be busy, and “what free time we have will be doing homework outside on our lawn.”

Ellingwood, wearing her fiancé’s sweatshirt and jeans, leaned back in her chair at the table in the apartment, sipped her coffee, and thought about her plans for the rest of summer. “I will be working as a camp counselor at Camp Sebago, and getting married,” she said. Knight and Hersom are both working in their hometowns.

“I haven’t done May term before, but I know I have a lot of work to do,” Ellingwood said. Hersom and Knight agreed with her, adding, “We’re not sure what to expect, but we hope it goes well. It’s worth it to get ahead in our futures.”