Brady in the studio.

Brady McLaughlin in the WUMF studio. (Photo by Joseph Arsenault.)

By C.M. James – Staff Writer

After nearly a year of inoperative service, the online streaming application for the University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) based radio station, WUMF, is up and running in time for the station’s broadcast for the second semester of the school year, thanks to WUMF DJ, Tyler Noyes.

The online stream first went down following the departure of several members of the WUMF executive board. These members were in charge of keeping the stream functional for the 2010-2011 broadcast. When the remaining members of the board and DJs retuned for the 2011-2012 broadcast, it was discovered that the stream had gone off-line completely. “The problem was, the first time the PC got shut down after everybody [ex-WUMF executive board members] graduated, the live stream was killed,” said Noyes.

When Noyes went to check in on the stream’s condition, he found that there were several errors with the formatting of the stream. The issue came down to a settings file on a WUMF office computer used solely for getting the station online. Physically, the settings files were just two lines of text that needed to be reformatted in order to bridge what was playing on the station’s PC, and what was being broadcasted throughout the internet.

“I had to change those settings,” said Noyes, “When that got fixed, things were looking up.”

Once the files were reformatted to an operable condition that allowed streaming, there was another problem relating to the manual settings within the studio.

“The PC is actually wired to the transmitters and the board in the actual studio, there was a wire that connects them,” said Noyes.

Noyes had to manually fix the quality of the online stream by adjusting the settings of the station’s sound board such as: volume, left-to-right balance, and mixing features. While Noyes was adjuring the station’s modules, WUMF’s Metal Director, Brady McLaughlin, assisted Noyes by reporting the quality of what he heard on the stream, helping Noyes manually perfect the station’s online broadcast.

“In the past, I have run my own streams on my own. Just, you know, on PCs, and so has my dad. I knew what I was doing,” said Noyes.

With Noyes’ experience in conducting online broadcasting, WUMF’s streaming feature has been running smoothly, and with good fortune. “I think the station has been doing pretty well in general,” said Noyes. “Looking at the specs on the streaming PC, we have had quite a few listeners online.”

This year will be Noyes’ second year at the station. He is hosting the show Terminal Frequency, which is on air Fridays during the 12 a.m. to 2 a.m. slot.