Chief of Police, Edward Blais. (Photo provided by UMF Public Safety Website)

By Hunter Rowell – Staff Writer

During a recent hall meeting in University of Maine at Farmington’s (UMF) dorm, Mallet Hall, concerns were expressed regarding personal safety and leaving doors unlocked, due to burglaries in the residence hall.

With Community Assistants (C.A.) and UMF Public Safety Police Chief, Edward Blais in attendance Mallet Hall had a meeting to address concerns and answer questions in regard to safety in Mallet. During the past couple of weeks a few break-ins have occurred with valuables stolen including credit cards. In another instance a room was broken into and damaged. These incidents led Blais to call the meeting.

“Weird things have been happening,” Blais said. The main door to the building has been left propped open before, which was one of the safety issues he expressed.

With the help of C.A.s in the building, Blais discussed safety concerns and how to keep students safe. The biggest key to safety is to keep your door locked when not occupying your room, or even when you are in the room Blais said. “You don’t want someone who you don’t want in your room to follow you in,” he said.

Blais advised the community to be more aware of locking their doors and keeping valuables safe and secure. “If you have concerns or questions with your door, please come to Public Safety or talk with your C.A. so we can fix the problem,” said Blais.

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Mallett Hall (Courtesy of Kerri-Lyn Hernandez)

As the cases are an on-going investigation, little was said in regards to who was suspect or what was stolen from the dorm rooms, but Blais asked for the help and cooperation of the residents of Mallet. Any information is greatly appreciated Blais added.

Some students who call Mallet their home during the school year raised some concerns. Lizz Theriault, a UMF senior, said her biggest concern is the question “if someone else’s room was broken into, how easy is it to get into my own room?”

The recent safety issues in the building haven’t tarnished the homely feel for her, though, she said. “People just need to realize this is still school and there will always be people who do wrong in the world,” Theriault said.

Daniel Kiley, a sophomore and Mallet resident says he isn’t too concerned with the break-ins because he takes the necessary precautions. “I lock my door when I’m sleeping and when I’m not in the room,” said Kiley.

Public Safety would like to remind everyone to keep doors locked for safety and personal security. If something does not feel right, let Public Safety know. “If it’s out of the ordinary, don’t hesitate,” Blais said.

If anyone has any information on the recent burglaries, please contact Public Safety at: 207-778-7400. Any student can also report any type of suspicious activity anonymously on the Public Safety website ( by clicking on the “Campus Crime Watch” link on the left hand side of the site.