Megan Braley Courtesy, Megan Braley

Megan Braley
(Courtesy Megan Braley)

By Tyler Lallemand – Staff Writer

UMF sophomore, Megan Braley will be setting off this summer on her journey to Maryland to take her job up as a live-in nanny  Braley, with a smile from ear to ear, said, “I’m very excited to go back [for my second year]”

Her job entails arranging times for a child to play for a day with a friend. Braley schedules the time to play for the child she watches and usually invites over one friend at a time. “I invite his play date over and they can [either] be at the house or by the pool.” Usually lasting up to four hours. Braley asserted that it is easier when there is a friend around “because the kids entertain each other and don’t really get into as much trouble as they would if they were alone and bored.”

The other half of her job entails teaching one hour lessons of math reading and writing. These lessons are usually taught every day through many ways. “Sometimes it’s as simple as playing slapjack, working on writing his name, or playing one of the educational games on the iPad they own,” she said, “sometimes it’s a more complex lesson.” These complex lessons consist of tracing and studying flash cards of which Braley prepares.

Being an Elementary Education major here at UMF, Braley feels all of this that she is doing now will help her in the future position of being a teacher. “I’m getting experience on preparing lessons and working with Children,” said Braley.

When not preparing any lessons for him to do, Braley usually will plan an educational fieldtrip to a museum that is in Washington D.C., only a 20 minute Metro ride away from where he lives. For example, last year when Braley planned a trip, they went to the Natural History Museum for the day.  “We were both pretty excited about the museum,” said Braley.

However, when Braley is not on the clock, which consists of Monday to Friday from eight o’clock to six o’clock, she wants to spend time with her friends that she met last year while she was living there. “I do the touristy thing while I’m down there,” she said looking as if she were wishing to be there already, “I go to the National Mall and other museums.”

Following this family from Hampden since her junior year of high school, Braley is confident that her job places near the top of the one of the best jobs for the summer. Braley said, “If the opportunity arises I will go back next year.”