Daigle- (Disc)

UMF’s Ultimate Disc Team (Courtesy of the Facebook group “UMF Ultimate”)

By Matthew Daigle – Staff Writer

With spring around the corner, the University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) Ultimate Disc team is looking to spice up their new season.

“We have an Ultimate clinic planned for UMF and community to spread the knowledge of how ultimate is played,” said UMF senior Joe Charpentier. “We’ll also be teaching some of the technical elements to the game.”

Vice president of the club and junior, Sarah Mikiewicz, believes the clinic will motivate people to check out the club.

“The camp is to spread the word of ultimate disc,” Mikiewicz said. “It’s targeted towards people who say they want to try ultimate, but are unsure of the skills needed, the rules or how to throw a disc.”

Mikiewicz says people don’t realize that throwing a Frisbee back and forth is different than the types of throws you use in ultimate disc.

“People spend years trying to master the techniques and different throws, such as a hammer throw, scubber, flick, backhand and more,” said Mikiewicz. “We just want everyone to realize how fun the sport is and try it out.”

The clinic will take place April 7th, from 12 to 4 p.m. The age range is wide: anyone from the sixth grade to an adult can show up. The prices are $10 for college students and $15 dollars for adults and those who are not a member of the Fitness and Recreational Center. The prices are subject to change and the Ultimate Disc club will be including a custom-made UMF disc for anybody who buys a ticket.

Besides the clinic, the team is waiting for winter to end and spring to begin. Charpentier said that winter is making it difficult to practice, but they’re finding ways around it. “Ideally, we would practice five times a week,” Charpentier said, “but with the snow, we are lucky to get between one and three practices.”

Charpentier resorted to some humor as he attempted to describe how he feels about the Ultimate Disc club this year, with a quote from Charlie Sheen to get his point across. “Ultimate is the most winning team on campus,” he said, “composed of the most insanely good looking warlocks and goddesses.” He followed that up with, “We’ve got tiger blood running through our veins.”

Junior Matt George agreed and said, “The ultimate disc team has been a great experience. It’s always been fun and challenging… I feel the team has come a long way, and I’m excited to see what this season will bring.”

For information about the Ultimate Disc clinic on April 7th, Mikiewicz suggested for people to find them on Facebook under the name “UMF Ultimate.”