By Allison Hodge – Staff Writer

University of Maine at Farmington’s (UMF) Annual Budget Committee has recently wrapped up this years funding for campus clubs.

The Budget Committee works all year to allocate funds for the various clubs on campus. They are in charge of the money that student senate receives to go out to the 50 or so clubs, including the Health, Journalism, and the Student Ambassador club to name a few.

The Budget Committee is made up of nine students, and seven of them are part of the student senate. All of the members volunteer their time to help with the budget process. “The student in charge was OFA (officer of financial affairs) Jacob Taylor,” said Reid Plimpton, a sophomore board member.

The Budget Committee saves two seats for non-senate members to run and become a part of the committee, said Plimpton. The first few meetings take a whole weekend because clubs come and propose their desired budget for the year. Student senate only receives so much money and then has to distribute it evenly among the clubs.

When students come to UMF they are asked to pay a student activity fee, this money goes to the student senate and is then passed on to the clubs. Clubs do not receive the same amount of funding either; “It depends on the club, how active they are, size and their own fundraising efforts,” said Plimpton. The clubs usually use the money for events that they put on, such as concerts and conferences.

The members of senate have to run each year for a seat. “I decided to run because I enjoyed student government in high school when I was class president and I was trying to decide if I wanted to run for Senate next fall and figured this was a good way to get my feet wet,” said Plimpton.

Being a part of student senate takes a lot of time but it does look great on resumes. Plimpton said that he will most likely run again next year because it was a good experience. “It’s not an easy task, [It’s] a lot tougher than people think.”

Students are encouraged to participate in clubs and join in the activities being offered on campus. “The ability to work with clubs to try to make next years campus activities and the club events as successful and fun as possible,” is one of the best parts about being on the budget committee said Plimpton.

If interested in joining the budget committee or joining a club, contact the officers in the student senate which is located in the Olsen Student Center on campus.