Allison Hunter and Dan Kiley Photo by Lizz Theriault

Allison Hunter and Dan Kiley
(Photo by Lizz Theriault)

By Hunter Rowell – Staff Writer

UMF students embarked on a journey to Boston for an excursion on the Spirit of Boston for the final Weekend Adventures and Excursions trip.

Students headed out of Farmington at 10 a.m. on a Saturday morning, and it was worth the trip from the looks of excitement in the Student Center.  The itinerary was jam-packed and full of opportunities, including Quincy Market, TD GARDEN, and many more.

UMF sophomore Allison Hunter sat in the lounge of Mallet Hall in eager excitement as she discussed the trip.   “It was such a great time and a nice break from school,” she added, “It was also nice to go to Nathanial Hall and Quincy Market.”

A Secondary Education History Major, Hunter was most excited to see the Boston Historical Museum Store.  “I enjoy historical references and historical fiction, so I bought a book,” she said.  She also enjoyed visiting all the vendors in the food court. Looking at the baked goods was interesting to her.

Hunter said she is fascinated by seeing how others create their baked goods because she works at a bakery.  She said, “It’s a colorful craft that is unique from baker to baker.”

“The weather was also perfect” she continued, “even on the water, it was nice.” Hunter pulled out pictures of the skyline that she took. “The boat went all around the harbor,” she said.  From the ship, people are able to see historic ships that have been preserved where the Boston Tea Party took place.

Daniel Kiley, also a sophomore was excited about all the people they saw in Boston. “There were a lot of events going on in Boston that day; there was a Bruins game and a Red Sox game, but also on Monday there was the Boston Marathon. Many people walking around with orange bags after they registered,” he said.

Kiley was born in Massachusetts so busy Boston does not phase him as much as others. He enjoyed the meals that they were able to dine on. For twenty dollars he got access to a buffet.  He laughed, “not to mention you are on a huge ship.”

“I loved lunch,” he says with a smile. “We went to the Hard Rock Café, and I ordered a burger thinking it would be small, but it was one of the best I have ever had.” Kiley enthusiastically said he hopes to go again next year and on more excursions through UMF.

The normal price for a ticket to The Spirit of Boston is ninety dollars. “It is a real bargain,” Hunter said. “It was a fun trip where students could eat food, dance, and spend a beautiful day in Boston.”

Weekend excursions occur all year long and allow students to go around New England for about twenty dollars.